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How to create a revoStore package

1. The package info file

Create a blank XML file(don't save it now).
Type in the following code :
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
    <name>My application</name>
    <creator>Amazing me!</creator>

Replace all this stuff for the specified app.

2. The setup

Create a directory like "My package folder".
In this directory put the "setup.exe" file of your app, and the "uninstall.exe" file.
Come back in your XML file and replace the "setup.exe" and "uninstall.exe" by the name of your files.
Now, save your XML file as "app.pkg".
Then, create a ZIP file with the 3 files into.
Rename it into "MyApplication.rpkg".
Again, replace "MyApplication" by whatever you want.

3. Test it.

You have created your first(or second I don't know) revoStore package!
For installing it, start revoStore, go into "My Apps", click on "Install an app..." and click on "From a revoStore package".
Choose your "Something.rpkg" file and load it.
Well done!

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